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The Artistic theme for WordPress, as its name might imply, has been specifically designed for those in creative industries who need an online portfolio. The theme comes with a sortable portfolio, featuring large images and ample text, which works perfectly for graphic designers and other digital artisans.

It’s no secret that web design, graphic design, and electronic branding, are three of the fastest growing industries online. These three industries require web designs that can show off a professional’s work, displaying rich images alongside descriptive text in the interest of furthering that person’s career. Such is the goal of the Artistic theme, which features a sortable portfolio and a whole host of customization options.

Rich Customization is the Key to Success

Artistic is a great theme for creative professionals, especially because it allows them to intricately customize virtually every element of the design itself. The theme ships with a robust control panel that is easily the most usable, and most graphically impressive, available with any premium theme currently available. This control panel allows for the customization of theme colors and layouts, and it allows the website owner to employ separate templates for different segments of the production website.

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The Artistic WordPress theme also ships with a layered PSD file, allowing for easy edits of graphics, colors, and logos, using software like Photoshop. This layered PSD file is paired with the original stylesheet and PHP function files, allowing for further editing of basic theme appearance cues and functionality.

All told, the Artistic WordPress theme is one of the most customizable themes available. That means even this pre-made theme won’t look familiar, or bland, when professionals use it to show off their hard work done elsewhere online.

Layouts for Every Type of Website or Usage

Artistic might be designed for those in need of a portfolio, but it’s far more versatile than a mere online showcase. Indeed, the theme comes with templates for blog pages, biographical information, archives, and a whole host of other common uses that will make it useful to those who are outside of the creative industries. This versatility also makes it a great way for professionals to convey a well-rounded approach to those who might wish to use their skills. With a portfolio that integrates seamlessly with blogs, biographies, and archived works, there is no telling how effective an online presence might be.

With the great tools provided by Artistic, developers everywhere will find a great tool by their side when looking to win new clients and business. The customizability and versatility of the theme are second to none, and that makes for big opportunities with just a little ingenuity before release. And, if there’s one thing creative professionals online are known for, it is certainly ingenuity.

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