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Amid all of the hype for designs that resemble magazines and other news outlets, some WordPress administrators still want a simple design that highlights their unique work. With a focus on text and images amid a fixed width design, the Craftiness theme for the Genesis Framework is just a design. The theme offers easy customization, search engine optimization, and a commitment to custom images that will bring posts to life.

Not every website is looking to move into designs and templates that turn their relatively standard blog into a newspaper or magazine. Indeed, some websites are doing quite well while operating as a “standard blog” without many of the major bells and whistles that more advanced themes offer. It is this market that the Craftiness theme for the Genesis Framework caters to. Developed by an avid WordPress user and designer, the theme is now offered by StudioPress separate from its Pro Plus Package. It’s a great fit for more traditional WordPress users, and here’s why.

Craftiness Child Theme – A Fixed Width Makes Everything Okay

Even though responsive design is currently the biggest buzzword among most WordPress developers, the nature of a fixed width template makes it much easier to design for and operate. That is certainly the case with Craftiness 1.0. The theme employs a fixed width layout which, while not necessarily mobile device friendly, does allow website administrators to deploy large images without a fear of breaking the responsive nature of the theme. It also allows for more easy customization of design elements without worrying about things like the grid and the number of columns required to display an element.

craftiness theme, craftiness child theme

Overall, the fixed width nature of the Craftiness theme makes it a perfect choice for amateur WordPress administrators with traditional taste. It’s a great way to learn the Genesis framework slowly and deliberately, moving to more advanced themes only when the time is right.

Customizable from the WordPress Dashboard

Even though the Craftiness child theme is easier to use and customize than some more advanced options, many users will find that they simply don’t need to dive into the template’s code in order to make big changes to its appearance. That’s because the theme allows for a choice between four color styles and three distinct layout options. Additionally, custom images and a custom header can be defined by the administrator from within the WordPress Dashboard.

The theme is paired with the Genesis Framework’s extensive customized Dashboard control panel, allowing for further customizations of many of the design’s elements without resorting to an FTP client or web-based editor.

Craftiness Theme – SEO is Included as Standard

One of the key features of the Genesis Framework is that it’s inherently SEO-friendly. Every aspect of Genesis-based themes is search engine optimized and, when paired with optimized content, can land a website near the top of Google search results for their targeted keywords. That’s a huge benefit that most other themes simply don’t offer when they’re not based around Genesis.

A Great Option for Standard WordPress Blogs

The Craftiness child theme is a great way to enjoy all of the benefits of the Genesis Framework without being subject to the rules and quirks of responsive design. Most WordPress administrators will learn about responsive design in due time, and some of them might even prefer it. Until then, the easy customization and search engine optimization of Craftiness are a great fit for amateur WordPress users — and more traditional ones, too.

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