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On September 21, 2012
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The Decor child theme for the Genesis framework is meant to draw inspiration from interior design and the traditional look of things like wallpaper and wood. In this area, it succeeds in conveying a refined, elegant appearance. Combined with its many different layouts and color styles, it's bound to bring a refined look to any site.

One of the biggest trends in web design this year has been to combine “Web 2.0″ sensibilities with textures that resemble things in the real world. This approach makes websites look more inviting, and more realistic, and it’s generally considered a good thing for those websites who pursue a more traditional approach. The Genesis, along with the Genesis, implements this style effortlessly.

A Refined Appearance that Will Please All Tastes

The Genesis is inspired by the traditional looks of an elegant, indoor space. That explains why the theme’s header is given a textured background image that looks like turn-of-the-century wallpaper, and why the colors paired with the theme look like something out of a living room: White walls, brown accents, and the appearance of a more down-to-earth website.

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The Genesis can be extensively customized by those users who don’t want to employ the default style. It ships with six different possible layouts and four different color options. That presents a high number of different combinations that will ensure no website looks the same as one of its competitors using the same theme.

Additionally, the theme is part of the Genesis. That means it has access to an extensive Dashboard control panel where a large number of more intricate settings can be determined. This area is the key to promoting good SEO throughout the theme, as well as managing things like the appearance of widgets and the color of the theme’s text. Header images can be changed here, as well, further setting each website apart from others using the theme.

A Number of Bonus Features that Will Attract Attention

In addition to its excellent appearance and the ease with which the theme can be customized, some added features really stand out. The first is the theme’s inclusion of a threaded comments system. Usually, WordPress website owners have to use plugins or third-party comment services off-site to make this happen. With the Decor child theme, this is no longer necessary.

The footer is another area where the theme succeeds, as it’s controlled entirely by sidebar-style widgets that can be dragged and dropped into place. With these features, along with the theme’s customization efforts, Decor is one of the strongest Genesis-based themes currently available for discerning website administrators.

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