Glitter and Lace Child Theme For Genesis Framework

Review of: Glitter and Lace
Developed By:
Heather Jones
Version 1.0
Glitter and Lace $79.95

Reviewed by:
On August 11, 2012
Last modified:August 23, 2012


Glitter and Lace Theme is a community theme developed for the Genesis Framework . It's got a vintage flair packed with great features that will only add value to your WordPress site. Instagram users will love the seamless integration of pictures from your instagram account to your website that uses the Glitter and Lace Child Theme.

Bloggers looking for a different theme for their WordPress sites should take a look at Glitter and Lace Child Theme for the Genesis Framework. Designed and developed by Heather Jones of Viva la Violette, Glitter and Lace Theme gives your blog a delicate and feminine feel. It’s interestingly vintage and appealing to the eyes. If you want a premium Blog Theme that will complement your website, you will definitely find it on Glitter and Lace.

If you enjoy Instagram, you will no doubt enjoy Glitter and Lace Theme. Your Instagram pictures can be seamlessly integrated as a photogallery and can be showcased on your pages and posts. Or you can choose to upload your pictures individually and feature them as a single post and still would look great on Glitter and Lace.

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Glitter and Lace 1.0 Theme comes in 6 color styles that you’ll love. It’s also packed with 3 layout options you can choose from. And since it runs on the Pro Plus All-Themes Package Framework, you can tweak every aspect of its design and use a custom header, custom background and add featured images. All these can easily be done through the theme options. Glitter and Lace also has a fixed width and a mobile responsive design. That means, you won’t have to worry of how your website looks when it’s viewed on different gadgets with varying screen sizes and pixels. Glitter and Lace Theme adapts and renders itself perfectly regardless of the device and screen size it’s being viewed upon.

Glitter and Lace Child Theme is categorized as community theme so it’s not included in the Pro Plus All-Themes Package but the quality of coding is guaranteed top notch. With your purchase, you are entitled to free updates, free upgrades, unlimited support and you can use Glitter and Lace to unlimited number of WordPress websites you own. You will also be given access to detailed tutorials to help you get set with this new theme.

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