Going Green 2.0 Child Theme For Genesis Framework

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Version 2.0
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On September 11, 2012
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Going Green 2.0, another great child theme for the Genesis Framework, is the latest to come out of the StudioPress lab that has a responsive web design. It's updated and redesigned to add a landing page template and make sure it looks great on different devices. Support the green revolution by using Going Green on your WordPress site.

The green revolution is taking over the globe and if you don’t join the movement, you would be left behind. Going Green Child Theme for the StudioPress Framework is a testament to this change. Those who want to associate themselves with green living and eco-friendly environment will no doubt find the Green Theme a promising choice.

StudioPress, in its attempt to ensure that all its collections of StudioPress Child Themes have responsive web designs, have just released Going Green 2.0. It’s the 15th child theme for StudioPress that has been redesigned and upgraded to fit various screens. Having a responsive web design makes it flexible so that regardless of the size of the screen your website is being viewed upon, the least of your worries is how your website looks. Especially with the growth of mobile devices, it is necessary to use a responsive web design.

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Landing Page Template Added

Version 2.0 of Going Green have some minor changes, including the addition of a template designed as effective Landing Page for your product. The landing page is optimized for conversion and userability. More importantly, Going Green 2.0 is updated so that it has a mobile responsive design. Going Green is ready for download by the Pro Plus members in the support forum. Alternatively, you can purchase just a single copy if you don’t need the rest of the themes that comes with the Pro Plus membership.

Going Green Features

Changing the background of a premium WordPress theme can make a huge impact on your web design. Of course you want to make sure that your website stands out of the rest of the pack. While StudioPress, the framework that runs Going Green, allows you to customize your theme to your heart’s content, Going Green’s easy background customization makes this task a walk in the park. Your ability to use 3 different layout options, which is possible in 3.0 gives you further room for customization or personalization of your website. Don’t forget that you can also customize your header and use featured images to capture to the attention of your every visitors. If you’re a fan of fixed width, you’d be happy because Going Green has that as one of its features. Most importantly, since Going Green is powered by Genesis, you can do all the customization with a few clicks of the mouse through your theme options.

Final Word

Please note that Going Green 2.0 underwent a major code update and design change to make it more relevant and useful but this also means that there is no easy update path. If you are happy with Going Green 1.0, then an update won’t be necessary. However, updating is highly recommended as all the changes are intended to make your website perform and look better to your visitors and users.

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