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On December 4, 2012
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Built on the popular Genesis framework, the Megalithe theme for WordPress is a dazzling combination of large photos, many columns of text, and easy navigation throughout the website. Its mobile responsiveness makes it a perfect fit for websites looking to reach desktop and smartphone audiences alike.

Businesses are increasingly transitioning their websites to the WordPress platform, allowing the world’s most popular content management system to take care of things like corporate blogs, photo management, and even basic navigation. The Megalithe child theme for WordPress recognizes this trend, and is a perfect business-oriented theme for all industries. It pairs large photos with easy-to-read blocks of text, and can be customized to meet all needs.

A Number of Columns to House All Content

Megalithe is an exceedingly flexible theme, largely because it comes with the ability to customize the theme with two, three, or even four columns of content. Those columns can be used to display text or pictures, and all of the content housed within a given column is managed within WordPress itself.

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The theme is easily customizable color-wise, as well, with ten different color selections available. Between the ability to add or subtract columns, and the ten different color combinations that can be selected upon installation, the theme can easily meet every business’ aesthetic needs and differentiate itself from other websites that have purchased the Megalithe theme for use.

Mobile Responsiveness Sets the Theme Apart

The Megalithe child theme for the Genesis framework comes with a mobile responsive architecture that is all but required of designers in a smartphone-oriented world. The theme will automatically detect whether or not a user is browsing the Internet via a traditional computer or via a mobile device. When appropriate, the theme will scale content down and allow it to be presented in a single, touch-friendly column, making it perfect for smartphones and other small devices with limited screen space.

This ability sets the theme apart and makes it a no-brainer for businesses that now must reach out to mobile users just as strongly as they’ve been targeting desktop users for years.

A Great Theme for Businesses of All Kinds

The Genesis framework is a great asset for theme developers, as it allows themes to be customized using a point-and-click control panel integrated into WordPress. It also makes mobile accessibility much easier, with a built-in set of tools for mobile responsiveness that can’t be found elsewhere. For these and other reasons, Megalithe is probably one of the best themes for businesses today.

The easy customizability of columns, the variety of color schemes, and the ability to cater to smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop computers, makes Megalithe a no-brainer. Its excellent design is an added benefit.

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