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On September 21, 2012
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When it comes to the latest trends in web design, there's nothing hotter than minimalism. that's where the Minimum child theme for the Genesis framework comes in. The design is full of large pictures, big text, and plenty of beautiful -- and trendy -- whitespace.

Minimalism is one of the hottest design trends of the past few years, with most designers specifically creating themes that leave behind color and cluttered layouts in favor of those themes that leverage the simple beauty of black-and-white design. Perhaps as a sign of this, the Minimum 2.0 theme adheres to all of minimal design’s basic cues. On top of it, the theme adds mobile responsiveness and a few great add-on features for administrators.

Mobile Responsive Design Means Better Smartphone Availability

With the proliferation of smartphones increasing by the day, it’s important for websites to have a capable mobile experience that doesn’t merely scale down a desktop-styled design for smaller screens. The Minimum 2.0 child theme understands this shift in the way people browse the internet, and includes a responsive framework that can intelligently scale the page to any device.

minimum child theme, minimum theme

It’s all done behind the scenes, using a combination of CSS and JavaScript. Tablet users will see a bigger Minimum theme than will those on smartphones, while users of desktops and laptops will be treated to the full desktop experience. Best of all, it all uses the same theme. There’s no need for a standalone “mobile version” at all.

Plenty of Options Available to Administrators

Three different layout options are bundled with the Minimum theme, allowing for each website to put its own spin on the design’s appearance. Beyond that, a custom background image can be uploaded for even better personalization. The theme also supports “featured” images for each post, and allows for customization of the main image displayed when the page loads.

Beyond these great features, Minimum 2.0 has the power of the Genesis framework at its fingertips. The theme is able to be completely customized from within its own Dashboard control panel area. Everything from column widths to SEO practices can be fine-tuned without any specific programming knowledge, making this theme a great idea for novice WordPress users and those without much time on their hands.

A Great Theme for Trendy WordPress Users

The Minimum child theme is a great way for WordPress users to embrace the kind of minimalistic design that has become quite popular in recent years. With mobile responsiveness and lots of customization options, the theme is able to adapt to virtually any need.

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