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On August 23, 2012
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The News child theme for the Genesis framework is one of the leading ways to turn an existing WordPress blog into a journalistic hub, turning typical posts into break news stories that are presented in a highly attractive way. With customizable themes, featured post images, and a responsive design, it's the perfect way to draw users in whether they're using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone to view the website.

One of the most dominant trends in WordPress template design over the past several years has been a tendency toward themes that embrace a magazine-like format. Building on this trend, the News child theme for the Genesis Framework turns an existing WordPress website into a thriving news organization, arranging stories in a way that resembles a modern newspaper website — and a modern newspaper in the offline world, as well. Additionally, the theme’s commitment to customizability makes it one of the easiest theme to use for WordPress administrators of all levels.

Built-In Styles for Customization Make the Theme a Perfect Option

One of the things that has characterized the Genesis Framework for WordPress since its first iteration is the theme’s support for an extensive control panel system that can be used to control the look and feel of a theme. This has been one of the major selling points of Genesis-based themes, and developers continue to make use of this Dashboard implementation today.

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The News theme for the Genesis Framework is no exception to the rule when it comes to embracing the Dashboard as an interface development tool. The theme comes with seven built-in color options for users to choose from, including blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red and teal. Those seven color choices are diverse enough to meet virtually every taste, and it means that most users won’t have to open their FTP client and make any manual changes to the theme’s code after installation.

The theme also allows for six different customizable layouts to be selected by the WordPress administrator, and allows for custom images, background specifications, and even a custom header, all without requiring extensive knowledge of PHP, XHTML, or CSS.

News Child Theme – A Responsive Theme for Today’s Mobile World

Increasingly, developers are implementing responsive design in an attempt to market their websites to users on smartphones and tablet devices. The Genesis Framework has always been primarily associated with responsive design, and the News theme is no exception. Its responsive qualities allow any of its six layout options to be easily and expertly scaled for viewing on a screen of any size. That includes everything from 30-ich iMac screens to 4-inch Android smartphone screens — and everything in between.

A Great Option for News-Focused WordPress Sites

News websites are all the rage in 2012, and this particular theme for the Genesis Framework is a great way to turn a WordPress blog into a major news site. When combined with its responsive qualities and the easy ways to customize its appearance, the News theme is a no-brainer for any news-centric WordPress installation currently in operation.

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