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On September 11, 2012
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Outreach 2.0, a child theme for the Genesis Framework is ideal to non-profit organizations who want to establish their online presence. It's recommended to churches and charity organizations who want to establish their online presence. Reach out to your community or your church with a perfectly framed website that does what it should be doing - send you message across!

The Internet has empowered groups, churches and communities to reach out to a wider audience. At this age, at this point in time, you can’t ignore the power of the Internet. Whether you are a profit oriented organization or a non-profit group, the Internet presents you with a myriad of opportunities that will help your company grow and develop. When you’ve reached that point, when you’ve decided to establish your online presence, do remember that Outreach Child Theme for the Genesis Framework is a great choice.

The StudioPress team has updated and redesigned Outreach 1.0 to respond to the emerging changes in the Internet. With the boom of mobile devices and with its number of users growing rapidly, you can’t just ignore the repercussions. You need to make sure that your website has a responsive web design or you would be missing a lot of opportunities. You should aim and make sure that your website renders perfectly in any type of mobile devices used to view your site. Research shows, that conversion rate is significantly reduced by a messy web design. That you certainly don’t want happening to your website.

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Features Of Outreach

The main objective of the redesign is to make sure that Outreach Child Theme has a responsive web design. It’s kind of a big deal these days, which is why StudioPress is taking the task of updating all their child themes to make them all responsive. Outreach Theme is the 16th child theme for Genesis that has been released. Just like any other updated and redesigned child themes, the StudioPress team has added a landing page template to Outreach.

If you are satisfied with Outreach 1.0, there’s really no need for you to update to 2.0. But if you do, please remember that Outreach 2.0 went through some major design changes and code updates. It’s for these reasons that there isn’t an easy path to updating.

Other than the responsive web design of Outreach, you’d be glad to know that you’ve got 6 layout options to choose from. If you are like me who enjoys tinkering with how your website looks, you can knock yourself out with all the possible arrangements you can do on your website. Experiment until you get that perfect look you wanted.

To make things even better, Outreach Child Theme lets you customize the background and header of your website. All these can be done easily on your theme options. You don’t even have to deal with codes to get that look you want. Also, the slider that comes with Outreach can be used to feature your best photos, speak and grab your visitors’ attention and make your website a lot more cool!

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