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Quattro 1.0
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On July 28, 2012
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Quattro Child Theme for the Genesis Framework is a Blog WordPress Theme. It is packed with features that allows for easy customization. It's got a built-in SEO function that you can tweak to improve your rankings on the search results. It's expertly coded and it runs on Genesis, one of the best frameworks, so you guaranteed top notch performance!

Quattro, a child theme for the Genesis Framework is the latest to come out of the StudioPress lab. Designed as a Blog WordPress Theme, Quattro will particularly appeal to those who appreciate modern designs that have vintage elements on them.

Bloggers who are looking for a well-crafted Premium WordPress Theme will surely find Quattro Child Theme an interesting choice. Meticulously designed and expertly coded, Quattro Theme stands out in its aesthetics and SEO capabilities. The built-in SEO function of Quattro lets you tweak the meta data of each of your post, which will result in better rankings on the search result, consequently driving more traffic to your website. Moreover, since Quattro Theme runs on Genesis, one of the best frameworks in the industry, you also get to enjoy all its special features.

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Quattro Theme comes in 3 various color styles, namely; blue, brown and gray. Its width has been designed to be fixed to accommodate your custom header and incorporate your custom background using either an image or a color of your choice. Your ability to add featured images on each of your posts enable you to engage and catch your reader’s attention. Quattro Theme also has a mobile responsive design, which will ensure that your website will render OK when viewed on mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets.

What I particularly adore with Quatro Child Theme is its craftsman-like appeal that is neat and uncluttered. It’s got an antiquated texture but ironically projects a modern feel and impression. Perhaps the background and font style are the culprit of its antiquated appeal and that the customizable social media and easy navigation makes it “modernish”.

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