Thesis 2.0 Will Be Released Tomorrow, October 1, 2012

I can’t contain my excitement with the release of Thesis 2.0. Finally, it’s all happening. October 1st it is and everyone is anxiously waiting. The fact that it took Chris Pearson and his team years to develop Thesis 2.0 makes the waiting even more exciting. The epic features that come with version 2.0 is just phenomenal and exciting. As Chris Pearson puts it – Thesis 2.0 reinvents WordPress themes yet again.

Watch the video of Chris Pearson explaining to Neville Medhora of AppSumo what to expect of Thesis 2.0 and explains the Thesis 2.0 AppSumo deal all about.

Here are some great features to look forward to with Thesis 2.0:

  • No need to use FTP
  • No HTML editing
  • Built-in HTML and CSS editor
  • Better search engine optimization features
  • Thesis Boxes Add-on Functionality: email forms, buttons, boxes
  • Thesis Packages: Buy CSS packages, snippets of HTML
  • Visual Thesis Skin Editor – both novices and experts can play with.

IMPORTANT: If you have a personal copy of Thesis, you will still be able to get Thesis 2.0. However, if you wish to get the most benefits for Thesis 2, you’ll need to upgrade to a Developer’s Option before we change our pricing structure.

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